Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Math Poetry: The pi poem

        This poem is a free verse poem I wrote to remember the digits in pi. How it works is it uses each digit in pi as the number of letters in each word for instance the first few words are " Now I view a world"
'Now' has 3 letters ' I ' is 1 letter ' View ' is 4 letters ' a ' is 1 letter and ' world ' is 5 letters.  or 3.1415

                 Now I view a world            
                 Imaginary in itself                              
                 Solid for those unstable believers                  
              Naively compliant 
                   Set in the ignorant seal
                        What can the thinkers say 
                      to clarify intricate codes
              is realness realness. 
                live a quizzical reality 


  1. Hi:P this poem does not even rhyme!!!!!!!!

    1. The first line of the post I explain that it is FREE VERSE. Free verse poetry does not need to rhyme.