Saturday, March 10, 2012

What math means to me?

   I love math, but I also realize that not everyone looks at math the same way. When I look at math, I see the beautiful mystery that can define everything in our world and beyond. I see a glimpse into unlocking the mysteries of the universe. Once you begin to delve deeper into mathematics, you begin to have an understanding of the world around you that only mathematicians get to enjoy.
    After you have gotten into to higher level mathematics, some of the problems you solve will begin to fill up your page like a poetry of numbers.  I know when I am solving problems that fill up a page I will take my finished product and just step back and look at the beauty of it. Even if you don't see the beauty in a page full of formulas, computers have allowed us to manifest formulas into beautiful works of art.  Fractals offer us an in depth look at the artistic capabilities of even the most mechanical of ideas. 
    The connection math has to all other subjects is infinite. Even the art world uses mathematics. The golden ratio, related to Fibonacci numbers, is considered the formula for beauty. All of these various connections in mathematics further enhances the beauty it holds.
    In addition to the art and poetry of mathematics, there is also the critical thinking aspect. Mathematics is logic conceptualized. It is about modeling our world into tangible coherent forms, and finding patterns and connections. Some refer to mathematics as the language of the universe, but it is beyond that. It is how we take abstract ideas and create a language to share and understand those ideas.

I know that most people do not look at math the way I do, and I am interested in getting some feedback on What math means to you?  Everyone has their own story or way of looking at math, even if you are completely frustrated with math I would like to see the comments I get.

So please leave some comments on what math means to you so we can discuss and compare how everyone looks at it. I am very interested to see the variety of responses I get. 


  1. I am very weak in maths and feel its very important for life but I always do mistakes in maths :-(

  2. Math is an art that takes time to master. However, a complete mastery is not necessary in all fields. It is a good that you understand its importance. That is a good start, if you needed to find mastery understanding that it is important is actually one of the barriers a lot of students face. There are a lot of people that completely hate math, and feel it has no importance in life. That mentality makes them fail before they even start.

  3. Math is not numbers. Numbers is the language of Math. Math is the logic of everything working together. Math is what makes everything make sense. It's the fundamental foundation of reality. Weaved deeper into our minds than people like to think. It explains everything. Math, Science, English, Sociology, Biology, Psychology, and so much more. If anything makes sense in any way, within it contains math. Math is freaking awesome.