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Full disclosure
       The purpose of this blog is so that I can share my experiences and ideas. I wish to only provide insights and understanding of the subject of mathematics. Included will be the math that you don't normally get to learn in schools. I will occasionally have guest authors, and it is important to realize that while you are reading  to sort out the facts from opinions. Many of the methods and ideas you read will contain factual information, the uses and importance of these methods are the sole discretion of you, the valued reader. 
     Through this blog I will be sharing the concepts, ideas, and methods that I find interesting and that I find are important. I welcome anyone who disagrees with or can add to anything I post to please leave a comment or send me an e-mail. All sincere and non-vulgar comments will be approved.  The most important thing that I have learned is that there is always more to learn. There are so many people out there who I believe could benefit from my insights, but at the same time I am aware that I can benefit from the insights of others. No one can truly expand their knowledge base or increase their intellectual understanding without positive collaboration.  

         Resources(images, videos, and charts)
    There will be various videos, charts and images I will be posting on this blog. They are all free to use for reference, teaching, or learning aids. Just please reuse them with the appropriate link from which you obtained them. 
I spend several hours every day reading through blogs and postings by other individuals and professionals in the field of mathematics, and from time to time I find something that I share on my blog. The materials obtained from others will always have the full URL of were they came from as well as the persons name, or internet handle,. So if you reuse any of those posts please retain that information with them as well. 
 As a general rule,NEVER USE someone else's material without full credit going to the respective owners.

To post comments you will most likely be asked for your e-mail address. Your email will never be distributed to third parties for any purpose. You should only receive an email from me if you sign up for email updates or you ask a question via email. I will reply in a manner you specify in your email. No comments which contain vulgar language or direct insults to any person place or other entity will be accepted. 

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